It's Harvest Time Around The World

The Lord himself goes before you and will be with you; he will never leave you nor forsake you.  Deuteronomy 31:8

Would you stand out in the hot sun for hours just to get vitamins or other meds for your family?  Many people were in long lines with babies and children.

We had a great trip to La Ceiba, Honduras.  As usual it was very hot.  We had three different teams going out to different places.   First there were 297 Salvations, Praise the Lord!!!   We were able to treat 2412 patients with vitamins, parasite meds, antibiotics, antifungal ointments, Tylenol, Ibuprofen and other pain meds. We also gave out lots of glasses and one 6 year old boy received a used pair of glasses and he stated he was really able to see what his mother looked like for the first time.  The teen that was helping with that clinic was really touched by that and she was crying when she gave the report that evening at the team devotions. One team went to the male prison for the first time since the riot a couple years ago.  The team that went saw 280 prisoners, 72 salvations (Praise the Lord) and they left meds to treat many more. One team went to a nursing home and a lady was 106 years old and they said they all enjoyed interacting with the ancient ones.  On Tuesday July 31, a young man came to see the Dr., he was in much pain from and inguinal hernia and that evening at the team devotions we were able to collect $1051.00 for him to have surgery and transportation to hospital.  The local Pastor was in charge of getting the surgery scheduled.  Also the boy accepted the Lord at the clinic that day.  There was $250.00 extra in that offering and it was donated to Vicky's village for a kitchen to feed the children out of.  Many other donations were made also for that project.  At each clinic the people would go to a spiritual clinic for prayer and a bible for the family.   The one the kids loved most was the children's Bible school with Bible stories, singing and dancing and one team had a clown doing the balloons in different shapes and after it was over they received toys, candy, pencils, hair bows, bracelets, and some clothes were given out.

Two teams that were flying home from the island of Roatan on Aug 4, 07, were able to have  2 clinics on Friday Aug. 3, 07, at Roatan and I was told that one was held in a Church of God on a mountain.  We don't have the total salvations or people seen from those teams yet. 

We were so blessed for the Lord to allow us to carry the gospel and meds to his people in other lands. Thanks to Price Chapel  for the donation of money and for all the prayers while we are traveling on the mission trips.

The next trip is to Dominican Republic Oct. 13-20, 2007 From Price Chapel Church of God. Sister Dianne Pointer and Sister Dale Stowe will be traveling with New Missions. We will be carrying tracts, book of John, toys, candy, pencils, crayons and clothes on this trip.  It is an evangelism trip.

Trip to Philippines, November 26th, return Dec. 7, 2007  Will be going to the children's home affiliated with the COG.  We will be carrying gifts for Christmas and will be able to purchase items very cheap there.

If anyone is interested, please contact, Dianne Pointer (H)706-376-7846  (C)706-371-5141.


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